LEAP Africa’s work is hinged on three pillars:

Youth LEAP – Changing the mind-set youth, equipping them to lead ethically, and motivating them to deliver and scale positive impact in their communities.

Youth LEAP offers innovative leadership and work readiness programmes for youth with the primary aim of equipping them to live productively, lead ethically and motivating them to deliver positive change in their communities by either executing community development projects or building sustainable social enterprises.

Biz LEAP – Supporting entrepreneurs in instituting systems and structures that are crucial for business sustainability.

Through our annual flagship event – The CEOs Forum, LEAP targets over 1, 000 SME entrepreneurs and builds their capacity for growth and effective leadership.

eLEAP – Creating an online resource centre with technology enabled tools for developing innovative, dynamic and ethical leaders.

eLEAP brings together digital information and learning resources for youth, entrepreneurs and professionals.  LEAP’s premier elearning course, equips dynamic and principled leaders through interactive learning and animated scenarios that help build awareness on ethics and empower users to resist corruption and demonstrate moral courage.