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Who we are

We are a youth-focused leadership development organization committed to raising leaders that will transform Africa.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower African youth by developing capacity and providing resources for transformative personal, organizational, and community leadership.

Our Vision

An inclusive and thriving Africa built through dynamic, innovative and ethical youth leaders.

Making a difference together

We are a youth-focused leadership development organization committed to raising leaders that will transform Africa; through interventions for young people, that bridges the gap in leadership, education, employability and entrepreneurship. As a mission driven organization, we recognize that youth leadership and inclusion is critical to nation building and wealth creation.

Our cutting-edge programmatic thrusts inspire and equip young people, changing their mindset, to lead ethically and motivating them to deliver positive change in their communities; while also supporting social entrepreneurs to build systems and structures that are crucial for business sustainability, thereby contributing to livelihoods, social and national development.

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Our programmes

We're on a mission to inspire, empower and equip a new cadre of African leaders by providing the skills and tools for personal, organizational and community transformation.

iLEAD Programme

A multi-dimensional programme through which LEAP Africa engages teachers, school administrators and graduates.

Lead The Way

Enabling teenagers to develop transformative leadership skills.

Youth Leadership Development Programme

To equip, empower and support young change leaders from across tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Transformative Leadership Programme

Designed to equip teachers administrators with the knowledge, confidence and skills required to model leadership.

Social Innovators Programme & Awards

Equipping and empowering young change makers effective tools for building sustainable social enterprises

Youth Day of Service

Designed to ignite the agency and creativity of young people across Africa towards sustainable development.

Nigeria Youth Futures Funds

To strengthen, support and enable young people in Nigeria for youth leadership through outcome-driven policy engagements.

Our resources

Articles, Updates and Reports from our community
Empowering Nigeria's Future: A Roadmap to Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development.

Empowering Nigeria’s Future:A Roadmap to Inclusive Growthand Sustainable Development

Oped LGA Autonomy

Supreme Court Judgment on LGA Autonomy: Implications and Recommendations

Leap Africa CXV

Why Teaching May be One of the Most Influential Professions in the World – Evi Michael

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