There is a widespread recognition that leadership skills are crucial for individual and organizational success, wealth creation, and nation-building. As a result, over the past 40 years, numerous leadership institutes and centers have emerged to support entrepreneurs and managers across different sectors and young people in various spheres of development.

Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability & Professionalism (LEAP) Africa was founded by Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli in 2002 to fill this important gap in Africa. Over two decades since it was established, LEAP Africa has maintained its commitment to addressing the crisis of leadership in Africa by facilitating values-driven leadership programmes for personal, organizational and community transformation.
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LEAP Africa’s work has been built on the premise that Africa’s trnsformation rests on young dynamic, innovative, ethical leaders and entrepreneurs. We believe that young people’s creativity and energy must be harnessed in order to create positive and lasting change.

Our cutting-edge programmes inspire and equip young people to lead ethically and motivates them to deliver positive change in their communities. We also support social entrepreneurs to build systems and structures that are crucial for impact and sustainability, thereby contributing to improved livelihoods and social and national development.

Driven by our mission, we are constantly expanding our programmes, equipping young people to deal with their current realities and preparing them for the future.
With footprints in over 26 states in Nigeria and recent programming in eight African countries, LEAP Africa is raising leaders that will transform Africa.

What makes LEAP Africa stand out?

In order for individuals to acquire leadership skills, they need first-hand experiences and long-term support. As a result, LEAP Africa ensures that our programme participants are immersed in a practical learning environment. Our curriculum consists of case studies, interactive exercises, games and breakout discussions.

Beyond the training programmes, LEAP Africa motivates and inspires its participants through one-on-one coaching sessions. LEAP Africa’s success is linked to the practical changes that our beneficiaries are able to make in their lives, their organizations and communities.

LEAP Africa actively monitors the progress of its participants, as they strive to become change leaders in Africa. LEAP Africa works in partnership with other leading private sector, nonprofit and community-based organizations and educational institutions.
Leap Africa Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli


LEAP Africa was founded by Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli.

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Annual Reports

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Annual Report 2022

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LTW X MEC Evaluation Report 2023

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