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LEAP Africa invests in continuous research on leadership development in Africa, and has published pioneering books which form an integral component of its curriculum. To date LEAP Africa has published resources on various topics such as succession planning, corporate governance, business ethics, talent management, among others.
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Reversing the Trend: Addressing the Decline in Youth Civic Participation by Adefunke Adeyeye

Leap Africa LTW23

LTW X MEC Evaluation Report 2023

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Annual Report 2022

From Resilience to Transilience Interrogating Ideas on Youth Agency and Social Innovation in Nigeria Final 1

From Resilience to Transilience: Interrogating Ideas on Youth Agency & Social Innovation in Nigeria

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Be The Change

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Women Pioneering Change: How Their Leadership Fuels SDG Progress by Pamela Uzoma

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The AfricaNXT Communique

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Annual Reports and Financials 2022

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Celebrating 22 Years of Youth Leadership Development in Africa 🎉