Our Team

Learning, building, training and retraining are some of our commitments to our team at LEAP Africa.

With a combined experience of over 15 years from varied backgrounds spanning project management, healthcare, communications, administrative and finance. Our team comprises some of the best and brightest minds. We are young, passionate and driven
Leap Africa Kehinde Ayeni

Kehinde Ayeni

Executive Director

Kehinde Ayeni is the Executive director at LEAP Africa, a catalyst organisation for youth leadership development in Africa—her work centres on leadership, youth empowerment, social development, digital transformation, and sustainable business practices. She is an influential leader overseeing and implementing programs, research, learning and strategies to advance these goals, foster positive change, and empower young African leaders.

Her core experience in the past 15 years spans organisational leadership, operations and communications. She has a personal and professional goal to continue creating an agile environment, opportunities and solutions to profit, empower, and enable socio-economic transformation. Her exceptional contributions earned her recognition as one of the “50 African Women Making a Difference in Development” by Donors for Africa in 2020 and is a 2021 Praxis Nonprofit Accelerator Program Fellow.

Leap Africa Amabelle Nwakanma

Amabelle Nwakanma

Director of Programmes

Amabelle Diana Nwakanma is the Director of Programmes at LEAP Africa. Amabelle has her first degree in Behavioural Neuroscience from the Memorial University of Newfoundland and Post-graduate degrees in Quality Management and Global Public Health and Policy, from Memorial University and the Queen Mary University of London respectively. She is also a certified Advanced Coach from the CMI Institute, USA, and also has various certificates and training in Project Management, Leadership, Youth Development, Empowerment, Sustainable Development, and Gender Mainstreaming amongst others.

She is a passionate servant leader, social change agent, coach, and sustainable development expert. She brings over 13 years of experience in social development and human services; designing, managing, and implementing youth and women/ girl-centered programming with an emphasis on strategy, empowerment, capacity-building, and partnership development. She has worked across NGOs, government as well as private agencies, spanning continents. Throughout her career, she has been pivotal to the development and implementation of impactful programs and innovative strategies promoting social and economic empowerment, gender equity, and social inclusion.

Through advocacy and stakeholder engagement, she has been influential in strengthening local, national, and global discourse on sustainable development with a particular focus on youth empowerment, gender equality, and inclusion. She sits on several boards and has facilitated the formation of effective platforms to implement impactful programs that address social challenges. For example, she spearheaded the formation of a Gender Technical Working group, the National Forum of Safehouses, and the Anti-slavery Network amongst others; to build policies and create common agendas with government, the private sector, and civil society.


Simisoluwa Abraham

Senior Manager, Finance & Procurement

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Leap Africa Ikenna Ogbudimkpa

Ikenna Ogbudimkpa

Policy, Advocacy and Governance Lead

Ikenna Ogbudimkpa is a development sector professional with over 8 years of experience advocating for youth development causes in Africa, with a focus on both sociopolitical and socioeconomic advancement. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, as well as certificates in Public Leadership and Policy, and Civic Leadership. Ikenna is driven by a passion for mitigating the increasing rate of youth unemployment and promoting inclusion and participation in governance for sustainable development in Africa. He employs strategies such as intergenerational conversations, policy and advocacy interventions, leadership and entrepreneurship development, and citizen engagement to help alter Africa’s leadership trajectory for better outcomes.

As part of the drivers of the successful Not-Too-Young-To-Run Movement, Ikenna plays a key role in mainstreaming young people in politics. He is also a Global Activist of the ONE Campaign and a 2022 Mandela Washington Fellow. Ikenna firmly believes that equipping African youth with effective leadership skills and inspiring them to become self-leaders can drive development, foster patriotism and citizen engagement, and create leaders who can transform society. He is deeply committed to this mission and currently serves as the Policy, Advocacy, and Special Projects Advisory Lead at LEAP Africa.

In addition to his passion and commitment, Ikenna possesses exceptional community organizing skills and extensive experience in program design and management. He is a proficient strategist, a great public speaker, and a civic technology enthusiast.

Leap Africa ANTHONIA Nnabuko

Anthonia Nnabuko

People, Culture & Administrations Lead

Anthonia Nnabuko is an accomplished professional with an impressive background in talent acquisition, management, and strategy. With over 12 years of experience across various sectors; in the INGO, Tech, Manufacturing amongst others, she has consistently demonstrated her expertise in driving organizational success through effective talent management practices. Her strong strategic acumen allows her to develop and implement innovative solutions that optimize workforce performance and drive sustainable growth. Her First-degree honors in Management & Accounting from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology and an MBA from the prestigious Lagos Business School (recognized as the No. 1 business school in Africa) has equipped her with a solid foundation in business management, enabling her to approach talent management challenges with a strategic mindset and a deep understanding of organizational dynamics.

She has been instrumental in designing and executing talent acquisition, development, and retention programs that align with business objectives. She is adept at assessing organizational needs, identifying top talent, implementing strategies, and setting the right culture to attract, develop, and engage employees at all levels. Anthonia’s expertise extends beyond talent management; as she possesses a strong understanding of the overall business operations and strategy which enables her to effectively align talent initiatives with broader organizational goals, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach to human capital management.

Driven by her passion for excellence, Anthonia earned a certificate in Management Communications from Harvard Business School, a certificate in Data Visualization & Communication with Tableau from Duke University and a certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from IE Business School. She is known for her exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, allowing her to effectively collaborate with diverse stakeholders and build strong relationships. With a commitment to delivering measurable outcomes ethically and professionally, Anthonia Nnabuko is dedicated to building a sustainable culture across board.


Ferdinand Eruka

Institute of Learning Innovation and Technology, Acting Lead

Ferdinand Eruka has a rich legacy of over 9 years in the EdTech sector. As the Senior E-Learning Coordinator and IT Lead at LEAP Africa, he has been instrumental in architecting transformative e-learning experiences. His leadership in integrating innovative technology, including adaptive learning pathways underpinned by data-driven insights, has significantly elevated the learning experience for young people in Africa.

Ferdinand’s commitment to staying abreast of industry advancements in learning technologies, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, microlearning, and personalized learning experiences underscores his technical prowess and passion for digital innovation. He has overseen transformative youth development projects such as The Leadership Accelerator Programme, Mastercard Foundation’s Transformative Leadership Programme for Teacher Mentors, and LEAP Africa’s eLearning Bootcamp, significantly impacting Africa’s educational landscape.

Marked as a pivotal figure in the e-learning community, Ferdinand’s work continues to sculpt the future of education in Africa. He is a coveted speaker and collaborator in the e-learning sector. He consistently seeks opportunities to collaborate locally and internationally to drive digital transformation among young people in the EdTech space. His strategic vision and innovative approach make him an invaluable asset to the e-learning community in Africa, positioning him as a professional beacon in the field.

Ferdinand welcomes the opportunity to share his knowledge and collaborate with others passionate about digital transformation in education. He believes in the power of collective intelligence to shape the future of EdTech in Africa.


Joy Amanabo

Senior Programmes Coordinator

Joy is a development professional with over six years of experience working with under-served youth in Africa; she has a strong passion for empowering and uplifting disadvantaged youths. She has successfully executed complex and multi-year initiatives and programs involving education, life skills training, leadership development, youth governance, peace-building, sexual and reproductive health and mentorship, supporting holistic youth development, addressing their unique challenges and fostering their full potential. Her expertise in positive youth development and human-centred design is demonstrated in her ability to create safe and inclusive settings for young people to thrive, develop their skills, and access previously unattainable possibilities.

She believes in participatory approaches and actively involves young people in decision-making, appreciating their opinions and encouraging them to take ownership of their development. She has facilitated seminars, training sessions, and community events to provide young people with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams. With a Bachelor of Arts in History, a Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies, and certificates in leadership, youth development, and project management, she is passionate, empathetic, and driven in her mission to create a more equitable and inclusive society.

Leap Africa enoch Large

Enoch Haruna

Senior Coordinator, Grants and Business Development

Enoch is a development expert with experience in developing and managing projects across the profit and non-profit sectors with an Enthusiasm for delivering excellent service. His years of experience span across Academia, Banking, Agriculture, and the development sector. He has a passion for scaling up businesses, making an impact, and changing lives in whatever role He finds himself in. He is a chartered banker (CIBN -MCP), a chartered business development service provider (BDSP).

He is passionate about social impact and upscaling of the underserved which has directed his career over the years. He brings over a decade of experience in developing projects across the nation and the continent, fundraising, stakeholder mapping, cultivation, and management, capacity building, and business development. Before joining LEAP Africa Enoch has worked in/consulted for the development sector in organizations like Better Life program for the African Rural Woman (BLPARW), USADF, Sheroes Foundation & Teach for Nigeria. Throughout his career, He has played a crucial role in creating and putting into practice effective programs and cutting-edge approaches that support social and economic empowerment, gender equity, and social inclusion.

Enoch holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and is currently undergoing his MBA at Nexford University. He has in the past sat on boards like EGWAFIN Microfinance Bank, RLK Microfinance Bank, Raised for Excellence NGO, Sheroes Foundation Ghana, and other key development organizations.


Mercy Oguche

Senior Programmes Coordinator

Mercy is an excellence-driven professional with over 5 years of experience in project management, research, and coordination of programs in the Gender and Protection sectors. She has a B.Tech and Msc in Industrial Chemistry with a PGD in Education. She has participated in coordinating training for youths and led teams in sensitization outreaches on prevention and Responding to Gender Based Violence (GBV), in research to identify gaps in service delivery for survivors of GBV & development of curriculum on the hotline in responding to survivors of GBV. In addition; she has attended different capacity-building training which has enhanced her efficiency in synergizing and delivering excellent results on given tasks.

Leap Africa Catherine Busari

Catherine Busari

Senior Programmes Coordinator

Catherine Busari is a transformative youth development professional passionate about
tackling youth issues, especially around access, leadership, ethics, enterprise
sustainability and participation. She has technically supported young changemakers
across Africa in building sustainable social initiatives and enterprises, expanding
access to sector-specific education and enterprise financing. She brings 7 years of
experience in positive youth development, project design, management and
implementation, strategic planning and articulation, stakeholder management,
curriculum and skills development.

She currently functions as Senior Programmes
Coordinator at LEAP Africa, where she manages the entrepreneurship and active
citizenship portfolio, providing strategic direction to the team in designing and
implementing inclusive, high-impact Pan-African youth programmes. Catherine holds
a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Physiology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria,
and certifications in Positive Youth Development, Data Analytics and Project
Management. She is an alumna of the Non-Profit Leadership and Management
Programme of the Lagos Business School – Sustainability Centre and a member of the
West Africa Deal Summit Committee. She is a mentor on the Teach for Nigeria
Network and African Leadership University Alumni programme.

Leap Africa Haruna Godiya

Haruna Godiya

Programmes Coordinator, LEAP Africa

Coming soon…

Leap Africa afolabi

Afolabi Kamaldeen

Nyff Grants Monitoring And Evaluation Specialist

Afolabi Kolawole Kamaldeen has over five years of experience in development and humanitarian services. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from Cavendish University and is presently a PhD fellow. He works as a technical officer providing technical support on monitoring and evaluation, program planning and management, research, and grant management.

He has participated in a world-bank assisted project, WFP (World Food Programme) and BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) sponsored projects, etc. During one of his consulting work to organizations, he served as a performance-based financing expert in a project that financed contracted facilities based on their performance quality and quantity . Likewise, he monitored and evaluated activities of the project implementation unit and provided administrative support to sub-organization/units under the projects by extension.

He has a keen interest in exploring Youth-centred initiatives that prioritize youth well-being towards realizing the full potentials of the Youth for community and national development.He has participated in implementing Youth empowerment programs on health, education, and social well-being. He has published manuscripts in journals and presented papers in conferences.


Pamela Uzoma

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning Coordinator

Pamela Uzoma is a development practitioner and researcher with over 4 years of experience in data analytics, impact assessment, evaluation, and action research. She gained her bachelor’s degree from Afe Babalola University in international relations and diplomacy. She also has a master’s degree from Covenant University, majoring in International relations. As a Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (M.E.R.L) Coordinator, she supervises the implementation of data collection, analysis, and evaluation of programmes and research projects in leadership, social innovation, education, gender, and social inclusion.

She has extensively researched publications on the key transition areas for youth, focusing on critical aspects such as social mobility, career choices, and personal development, providing valuable insights and guidance in navigating these pivotal stages of life. She is very enthusiastic about youth development and gender issues, dedicating her time and energy to empowering young people in Africa. She has Result-Based Management and Data Analytics certifications and is also a member of the Africa Evaluation Association (AfrEA).

Leap Africa Aderinsola Amobi Daniel

Aderinsola Amobi-Daniel

Programme Coordinator, Institute of Learning, Innovations & Technology

Aderinsola Amobi-Daniel serves as the Programme Coordinator for the Learning, Innovation, and Technology Unit, overseeing initiatives such as the Leadership Accelerator Programme for Young Women across Africa, among other programmatic endeavours. Prior to this role, she played a pivotal role in leading strategic projects at Leading Ladies Africa, where her efforts significantly impacted the lives of African women globally. With over five years of experience in project ideation, coordination, implementation, and reporting, Aderinsola has consistently delivered tangible results.

Aderinsola’s passion lies in driving positive change and enhancing people’s lives through her various projects and endeavours. She is deeply committed to fostering a mindset shift in careers, businesses, and leadership capabilities.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Aderinsola dedicates herself to personal goals centered around empowering individuals to live their best lives. She actively engages with youth organizations, providing mentorship to young women and guiding them towards fulfilling their potential. Aderinsola’s qualifications include being a McKinsey Forward alumnus, a certified Project Manager, and holding a BSc.Ed & Master’s Degree in Health Education from the University of Lagos.

Leap Africa Adeyinka Adewusi

Adeyinka Adewusi

Finance Coordinator

Adeyinka Adewusi assumes the pivotal mantle of Finance and Admin Coordinator at LEAP Africa, where his remarkable proficiency in financial stewardship and administrative acumen shines prominently. With a distinguished career marked by seasoned expertise, Adeyinka exhibits a discerning eye for detail and an innate penchant for organizational excellence. His formidable grasp of finance transcends conventional boundaries, serving as the cornerstone for nurturing growth, ensuring sustainability, and orchestrating seamless operations across diverse economic sectors.

Adeyinka is an impassioned advocate for financial literacy and inclusion, seamlessly fusing his skill set with a gift for effective communication. He stands as a venerated source of knowledge, equipping students, youth, and professionals at varying echelons with enlightening discourse on financial management, taxation intricacies, leadership paradigms, organizational efficiency, and the transformative role of technology within the financial landscape. In his capacity as a financial modeling and valuation analyst, Adeyinka collaborates adeptly within multidisciplinary teams to construct intricate models, unearthing salient trends that inform strategic repositioning initiatives for the trajectory of Africa’s future investments, particularly with regard to the financial inclusion of young adults within tertiary institutions.

The year 2020 witnessed Adeyinka’s ascent as the youngest member to grace the Leadership Council of a faith-based organization, a testament to his prodigious leadership abilities. Concurrently, he lent his expertise to the esteemed board of Eagle’s Faith Empowerment, where he held the prestigious role of society treasurer. This propensity for leadership has been a constant thread woven throughout Adeyinka’s journey, dating back to his formative years within higher education institutions. His unwavering commitment to personal and collective growth, both within the dynamic arena of leadership and in the realm of entrepreneurship, exemplifies his indomitable spirit.

Currently, Adeyinka is engrossed in the scholarly pursuit of a thesis in accounting as a requisite step toward the attainment of a Master’s degree from the prestigious University of Lagos. Beyond this academic milestone, he harbors ambitions of embarking on a scholarly odyssey, setting his sights on a Doctorate in Finance, driven by an unyielding thirst for knowledge and a relentless dedication to the field.

Leap Africa Sarah Olubunmi

Sarah Olubunmi

Coordinator, Institute of Learning, Innovations & Technology

Sarah Olubunmi Uwaechie is a Learning and Development (L&D) professional with a passion for crafting impactful learning experiences. With a degree in Adult Education from the University of Lagos, she has honed her skills in eLearning development, training design and facilitation, instructional design and curriculum development.

At LEAP Africa, Sarah oversees eLearning products that have benefited over 10,000 learners, including teenagers, teachers, undergraduates, business professionals, and social change makers. She excels in designing and facilitating engaging programmes, both virtual and in-person, ensuring key concepts are effectively grasped by diverse audiences.

Sarah optimizes learning management systems to maximize user engagement and collaborates with subject matter experts to create relevant and impactful curriculum. Her commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is evident in her efforts to ensure better learning experiences for persons with disabilities.
A strong advocate for lifelong learning and personal development, Sarah provides strategic advisory and consulting services to startups within the Learning and Development industry on aligning learning strategies with organizational goals to ensure measurable value realization from every L&D initiative. She plays a pivotal role in coordinating an e-learning development training tailored for beginners in the African eLearning landscape, reflecting her commitment to nurturing a sustainable eLearning ecosystem that caters to the continent’s specific needs.

She is also an active volunteer and programmes coordinator in the OLXD community, a thriving community for Learning and Development Professionals in Africa created for grooming, learning, and networking among different levels of L&D professionals in Africa. Our culture recognizes the humanity and unique qualities of each person, creating an atmosphere for collaboration and support among team members.


Isaac Ajayi

Procurement Coordinator

Isaac is a dynamic professional with a strong educational background in Animal Production Technology and a thriving career in procurement spanning over 3 years. His academic journey has equipped him with a solid foundation in understanding the intricacies of animal production, which has continually influenced his approach to procurement in unique and innovative ways. What sets Isaac apart is his dual expertise in both Animal Production Technology and Procurement, a combination that brings a fresh perspective to sourcing and supply chain management. His ability to bridge the gap between these fields has not only allowed him to excel in his role but has also led to the development of holistic strategies that consider sustainability and ethical sourcing practices.

Isaac holds a distinguished certificate in Procurement and Logistics, a credential that bears the accreditation of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). This certification reflects his commitment to staying updated with the latest industry trends and best practices, ensuring that his procurement strategies are cutting-edge and in line with global standards.

Throughout his career, Isaac has demonstrated a proven track record of effectively optimizing procurement processes, fostering supplier relationships, and contributing to cost savings without compromising on quality. His strong analytical skills, coupled with a keen attention to detail, enable him to identify opportunities for process improvement and strategic growth within the procurement sphere.

Leap Africa Ijeoma Kalu

Ijeoma Kalu

Programmes Officer

Ijeoma Kalu is passionate about youth and human capital development. She has devoted over five years to managing projects and developing learning curricula that support young adults navigating leadership and their role in contributing positively to society. Ijeoma is a champion for youth expression, encouraging herself and other young people to use their talents to mark their place on earth.


Towojesudun Odede

Programmes Officer

Towojesudun Odede serves as a Programmes Officer at LEAP Africa. In 2017, Towojesudun completed her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry from Covenant University and is highly skilled in analyzing challenging situations and designing intelligent solutions to problems. Prior to working at LEAP, Towojesudun worked as a credit analyst at QuickCredit, a financial firm. She is extremely organized and efficient and she loves to work with people. She is also proactive and analytical.

She is heavily invested in volunteering and enjoys teaching young children. Her belief is that African children can go on to do great things once they are put on the right path. She is enthusiastic about African development and is committed to playing a significant role in it.

She is a creative problem solver who is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and living a life of impact. She is committed to constant learning and she believes that everyone should have access to quality education. She, therefore, takes a keen interest in learning innovative ways to improve the lives of young people through access to education and skills acquisition.

Leap Africa Victoria Uwaifo

Victoria Uwaifo

Programmes Officer

Victoria Uwaifo is a result driven development leader with over 5 years experience managing and empowering communities through gender, youth, governance and social justice programming. She possesses skills in programme coordination, advocacy, resource mobilization, data management and stakeholder engagement.
She maintains a passion for inclusion and youth-centered development. Victoria believes in the power of empowered young people to drive system change and continues to advocate for the investment in young people, capacity building and dismantling of systemic barriers through behavioral change communications.

Victoria is also committed to amplifying marginalized voices, especially women and young people. In 2021, she played a key role improving Nigeria’s investigative landscape through media monitoring, research and strategy while serving at Women Radio 91.7. She also co-curated the strategy for the setup of Africa’s pioneering Female Investigative Journalism Academy that has since trained over 50 young female journalists and attached them to job opportunities across Nigeria.
Named a Global Youth Ambassador by the UK-based NGO Theirworld in 2023, Victoria has a B.A. in Religions from the University of Benin, Nigeria and holds certificates in project management, journalism and international development.

Leap Africa Maimuna M. Sani

Maimuna M. Sani

Communications & PR Officer

Maimuna Muhammad Sani is the NYFF Community and Youth Engagement Officer. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, and has further obtained other qualifications in the field of Education, Entrepreneurship and ICT. She is a firm believer in education and technology as a catalyst for growth and development

Maimuna has experience working on developmental projects and has coordinated workshops at local and international levels. She is a versatile and self-motivated individual on a mission to transform the landscape of education through application of technology and strategic policy formulation. She is a Product and Web Developer with expertise in technology product design.


Abisoye Ajose

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Officer

Abisoye Ajose is a Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning Officer at LEAP Africa. In 2012, Abisoye earned a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the Lagos State University, Nigeria where she graduated among the top five outstanding students in her class and bagged the prestigious Lagos State University Scholars Award. In 2019, she bagged a Master’s degree in Public Health (Medical Statistics track) from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria. With over three years of professional experience in the Development Sector in Nigeria, Abisoye has extensive experience in designing monitoring and evaluation systems including the Theory of Change, Results Chain, and Logical Framework to deliver high-impact projects.

She has actively led research involving diverse populations such as women, girls, boys, youth, and persons with disabilities including providing technical assistance in monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning to harvest and document evidence-based results for impactful projects funded by International Donors such as African Women Development Fund, ActionAid Nigeria, British Council Nigeria, European Union, Global Affairs Canada and United States Agency for International Development thereby promoting leadership, human rights, and gender equality and social inclusion in Nigeria. She is passionate about mentorship and developing leadership attributes of young Africans.

Abisoye has also worked as a Consultant with Wasafiri Consulting Limited, Nairobi, Kenya where she was instrumental in providing technical support in the documentation of quick wins, successes, key outcomes, and learnings presented by three National Implementing Partners of the Research and Innovation Systems for Africa (RISA) Project in Nigeria, a project funded by the United Kingdom through the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) to support research and innovation systems strengthening in Africa. Abisoye is a fellow of the Young African Leaders Initiative Network and a Global Health Development Fellow at the Young Beninese Leaders Association, Benin Republic.

Leap Africa AMAKA Obiajunwa

Amaka Obiajunwa

Finance Officer

Amaka is a passionate about accounting and finance, she is good at carrying out financial finanacial analysis on financial statement to assess the viability and profitability of a business. She is commited to investigating and resolving audit findings,account descrepancies and issues of non compliance. Amaka is a student member of the institute of the chartered accountant of Nigeria (ICAN).


Theresa Ukam

ICT Officer

Theresa Ukam, a certified System Administrator by CompTIA, proudly holds the prestigious CompTIA A+ certificate, showcasing her expertise in maintaining and optimizing complex systems with precision and finesse. Delving deeper into the realm of cybersecurity, Theresa is a registered member of the International Information Security Certificate Consortium (ISC2), where she earned her cybersecurity certification, solidifying her commitment to safeguarding digital infrastructures against evolving threats.

Complementing her technical prowess, Theresa holds an MBA from Nexford University, specializing in AI and Automation. With a rich blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, she possesses the holistic skill set necessary to thrive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.


Deborah Falayi

Procurement & Admin Officer

Deborah Falayi is a result-driven and knowledgeable procurement professional. She has her educational background in Mass communication and a thriving career in procurement and administration. She currently serves as the Procurement and Admin Officer.

She has certifications in Procurement and Contract management (CIPCM) from the Piston and Fusion business Academy. This certification reflects her interests and commitment in the procurement industry and also ensuring she is up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Her role involves managing the Admin and procurement-related tasks and projects. She has been instrumental in carrying out administrative functions and managing diverse teams to ensure the successful execution of procurement-related projects; negotiating corporate rates and contributing to the organization’s success. She has developed skills in supply chain management, contract negotiation, Data analysis, vendor management, international trade and market research.


Aniebiet Udokang

Communications & PR Officer

Aniebiet Udokang is a seasoned communications and public relations professional with over four years of experience in the field. Renowned for her dynamic and strategic approach, she possesses a remarkable talent for shaping and delivering compelling narratives that resonate internally and externally.

Aniebiet’s expertise shines through in her mastery of internal and external communications, as well as in designing and executing program campaigns. Her acute understanding of the pivotal role transparent and impactful messaging plays in organisational dynamics is evident in her leadership of internal communication campaigns, resulting in heightened employee engagement, motivation, and overall satisfaction.

In her role as a Communications and PR Officer at LEAP Africa, Aniebiet has been instrumental in driving numerous successful campaigns, deftly navigating the intricate balance between organisational objectives and the diverse interests of stakeholders.

Aniebiet’s academic credentials further underscore her proficiency, as she holds a master’s degree in English (Language) from the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria. Additionally, she has acquired certifications in Marketing and Communications, Data Analysis, Script Writing & Storytelling, along with a diploma in Public Relations. Her comprehensive skill set and hands-on experience position her as a seasoned professional with a depth of expertise in the realm of communications and public relations.

Leap Africa Olukunle Oluwaseun Samson

Olukunle Oluwaseun Samson

Front Desk and Admin Officer

Olukunle Oluwaseun Samson is a performance-driven and knowledgeable Administrative Officer with years of extensive experience in managing various daily office operations, maintaining confidential documents and files, and being in charge of office supplies. Effective communicator with a highly professional attitude, great organizational skills, strong attention to accuracy and detail, and well-developed teamwork abilities.

Oluwaseun has a strong flair to become a committed and dedicated member and to make a positive impact in a challenging, dynamic, and progressive working environment.
His early passion for impactful leadership was evident in his pioneer role in the establishment of the South West chapter of the Students Counseling Association of Nigeria, an engagement that required selfless efforts to unify youths and student leaders from numerous institutions in the South West. He became a member of the Nigerian Youth Congress afterwards to promote civic participation and good governance in his society. Oluwaseun graduated from the University of Ibadan in the year 2017 and has over-gathered experience working in administrative roles with increasing responsibilities

Leap Africa Akolade Oladipupo

Akolade Oladipupo

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning Officer

Akolade Oladipupo is a Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL) Officer at LEAP Africa with a strong background in research and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC). He has significant experience in continuous improvement, data analysis, and successful project delivery. Akolade’s expertise is built on a strong academic foundation and hands-on experiences in teaching, research, consultancy, and professional endeavors. He has contributed to projects for esteemed organizations like the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja, and Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries.

Akolade is a driven professional who completed his master’s degree at the University of Lagos with a remarkable CGPA of 5.0 out of 5.0, earning postgraduate scholarship award at the University twice. He has led numerous projects and research initiatives, with a portfolio of over a dozen publications in reputable journals. Akolade is deeply committed to advancing developmental projects, initiatives, and research, with a fervent dedication to driving transformative change in Africa. (Google Scholar: https://bit.ly/aogscholar); ResearchGate: https://bit.ly/aoresgate).


Joshua Olawuyi

Communications Officer

Joshua Olawuyi is a graduate of Mass Communication with a professional interest in Communication for Development. He is a communications consultant, a media producer, a photographer, and an editor with vast experience in visual production and branded content.

Joshua was a fellow of LEAP Africa’s iLEAD programme in 2017/2018, where he coordinated a cohort of thirty (30) underserved Secondary School students in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria and facilitated LEAP’s leadership and life curriculum. As a result, the students improved on their self-confidence, developed vision boards for themselves, mapped out goals for their lives and stood out in their conduct, character, and academics.

Joshua has a strong interest in leadership and social development and has volunteered and served in many leadership capacities with several organizations in the country. He is passionate about helping people aspire for excellence as they become the best version of themselves and an asset for the development of their communities.

Leap Africa JOY Igbinedion

Joy Igbinedion

Alumni Engagement & Communications Officer

Joy Igbinedion is a Alumni Engagement Intern at LEAP Africa

Joy Igbinedion is an Alumni Engagement Intern at LEAP Africa. She has a PGD in Community Relations and just recently completed her Master’s degree in Media and Communication from Pan Atlantic University. She is resourceful, detail-oriented, and skilled in writing. Joy Igbinedion is passionate about the Nigerian youth and believes that it is possible to build a Nigeria that works. She is interested in educating Nigerian children and has experience volunteering in teaching children. An experience that gave her the opportunity to recognise a child with learning disabilities and provide help for the child. With a keen passion and skills for media, she has been involved in value-centric projects in the media industry.


Evi Michael

MERL Officer

Evi Michael is a Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) professional with a Master’s degree in Public Health. Armed with progressive years of experience, Evi has consistently excelled in designing and implementing comprehensive M&E frameworks that foster accountability, learning, and evidence-based decision-making. Adept at crafting tailored strategies, she optimizes interventions by translating complex data into actionable recommendations.

She has successfully led evaluations and research across a spectrum of sectors within Africa, including education, entrepreneurship, healthcare and youth development. Evi is particularly passionate about personal development opportunities and is a member of the Africa Evaluation Association (AfrEA) as well as alumna of the Technology for Social Change and Development Initiative (Tech4Dev) amongst other notable achievements.

Through these opportunities, she has been able to effectively contribute towards the achievement of purposeful and socially impactful projects through data-driven and sustainable solutions. Evi maintains a high proficiency in data analytics and has continually engaged in opportunities to hone this skill on various platforms.

Leap Africa Richard Chidiebere

Richard Chidiebere

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Associate

Richard is a skilled, results-driven data analyst, with over 3 years of experience in leveraging data to drive decision-making and business growth. As a beneficiary of the Kent State University-funded Global Access Tech Inclusion Program (GATIP) scholarship, he is proficient in analyzing large datasets using Python Programming Language and Microsoft Excel. He has completed several certified LinkedIn practical courses including Power Bi Essentials, Excel Data Analytics, and so on.

Richard is actively involved in youth development. He is a member of the Street Project Foundation Advocacy Movement, a body of youths and young adults that seeks to engender social and political change through music, dance, poetry, and the arts.

Leap Africa John Edwin

John Edwin

ICT Associate

John Edwin, ICT associate at LEAP Africa. He is a highly motivated and results-oriented IT Compliance Specialist with over 2 years of experience in securing, streamlining, and safeguarding organisational data. His expertise lies in navigating diverse regulatory frameworks, including ITIL, ISO, NIST, SOC 2, CIS, and PCI DSS, ensuring compliance through rigorous audits and risk assessments.

A keen problem-solver and analytical thinker, John excels at identifying and mitigating IT-related vulnerabilities within existing processes, policies, and procedures. His strong communication and collaboration skills allow him to effectively lead cross-functional teams and translate complex technical concepts into easily understood language for non-technical stakeholders.
John’s commitment goes beyond mere compliance. He actively seeks pragmatic solutions to address compliance gaps and provides innovative recommendations tailored to each client’s unique needs. His dedication to continuous learning is evident in his 2019 graduation with a degree in Cyber Security from the Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria.


Fifunmi Oladapo

Programmes Associate

Fifunmi Oladapo is a psychology graduate from the University of Ibadan. She has a passion for connecting with people and is skilled in devising simple methods to solve complex problems. She has been involved in a wide range of community development projects focused on providing youths with positive coping mechanisms to address societal issues. She has also actively participated in outreach and awareness programs to educate people about their health and overall well-being.

She has a knack for business development and started a small scale business as a student in the University where she developed people management, leadership and interpersonal relationship skills. She is an avid learner and continuously prioritizes professional and personal development. In 2022, she was chosen to be a part of the Mastercard Foundation Associate program. Some of her interests are French, writing and theatre.

Leap Africa Zaynab Mohammed

Zaynab Mohammed

Communications & PR Associate

She is a communications associate at LEAP Africa. She is a versatile and impact-driven creative, proficient in crafting impactful narratives and engagement across platforms and audiences. Her expertise spans strategy, content creation, brand storytelling, and community building.
Through her skills, she has served a diverse clientele, facilitated various training sessions, and contributed to related discourses in her field of work. She holds a Masters Degree in Communication from the University of Ilorin, complemented by certifications across her career trajectory.
Zaynab is passionate about communication for development. As a life-long learner, she has participated in various leadership and fellowship programs, including the Sprinng Writing Fellowship.

Leap Africa GIFT OROK

Gift Orok

People, Culture & Administrative Support

Coming soon…

Leap Africa Oreoluwa Akinsanya

Oreoluwa Akinsanya

Executive Assistant

As the Executive Assistant at LEAP Africa, Oreoluwa Akinsanya supports the administration, management, organization, business development, research and strategic initiatives that foster youth development. He has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Lagos and a Business and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program from Joseph Business School Lagos, which equip him with the skills and knowledge to understand and address the needs and challenges of diverse stakeholders.

He has also demonstrated excellence in project management, client service, business development, and strategy in marketing and advertising, and the NGO industry. He has curated and executed various projects, exemplified rare leadership, and fostered relationships that drive positive outcomes. In his previous roles, he championed the start-up brand strategy development at Itoju, a mental health start-up company. He also contributed to the growth and expansion of Connect Marketing Services, a leading marketing and advertising firm. His diversity of experience has honed his strategic mindset and the ability to identify opportunities for growth and innovation.


Vincent Victor

Visual Design and Communications Officer

Vincent Victor is a Graphics Designer at LEAP Africa

Vincent Victor is a professional graphics designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Delta State University. He has experience in working with individual and corporate brands to help improve their brand stories through graphical content. He is passionate about driving sustainable impact and has been privileged to lead and organize several projects that impacted over 50+ students through training in graphic design, in addition to sensitization projects that helped educate market men/women on corruption and its menace in society. He is currently on a journey to upscale his skill into UI/UX to help him solve more problems confronting businesses and society at large.

Leap Africa Umar Ahmad

Umar Ahmad

Institute of Learning Innovation and Technology Associate

He is an E-Learning Associate at LEAP Africa. He is a highly motivated Computer Science graduate from Ibrahim Badamasi University, Lapai with a strong foundation in both academic excellence and practical application. During his National Youth Service Year, he demonstrated versatility by serving as a lecturer and an IT officer. In addition, he took on leadership responsibilities as the president of the Corp members at his PPA, showcasing his ability to lead and coordinate teams effectively.

Post my national youth service, he transitioned into the role of an IT specialist within a local IT solutions enterprise, where he honed his skills in front-end web development, data analytics, and system troubleshooting. His passion for technology extends beyond his professional roles, as evidenced by his active involvement in various leadership positions during his undergraduate years.
He brings a unique blend of exceptional academic achievements, technical expertise, and leadership experience. His enthusiasm for front-end web development and data analytics drives his commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Beyond his technical skills, he has keen interest in training and mentoring young individuals, aiming to contribute to the development of the next generation of tech enthusiasts.

He is eager to leverage his diverse skills and experiences to contribute effectively to innovative projects and make a positive impact in the field of IT and beyond.


Deborah Lawal

Social Media Associate

Deborah Lawal is an NYSC HR intern with a passion for helping people and their resources, as well as designing. With a drive to make a positive impact, she has dedicated herself to using her skills and abilities to uplift others. As a former captain of the Babcock university sports team, she has demonstrated leadership skills and a competitive edge that have translated into her work in various settings. Her experience as a team captain has instilled in her a deep sense of responsibility, accountability, and the ability to motivate and inspire others.

In addition to her athletic achievements, she has also gained valuable experience through volunteering with several NGOs. Her time spent volunteering has afforded her the opportunity to interact with diverse communities and provided her with a platform to give back to those in need. With a keen interest in design, she has leveraged her creativity to create visually appealing and functional designs (pictorials and videos) for various projects. She is always ready to tackle a new project with passion and enthusiasm. In her free time, she enjoys participating in sports, with a particular interest in sprints and lawn tennis. Her dedication to sports has not only contributed to her physical fitness but also their mental agility and discipline. She is a people person and is always on the lookout for new opportunities to use her skills and abilities to help others.

Leap Africa Lanre Omosele

Lanre Omosele

ICT Associate

Lanre Omosele is a highly motivated and passionate individual with main area of expertise in website design and development. He has a keen eye for design and is able to create visually stunning websites that are both user-friendly and functional that helps brands become more visible.

In addition to his skills as a website designer, Lanre is also an aspiring ethical hacker. He is currently undergoing professional training in network security, vulnerability analysis and risk assessment. Lanre is passionate about using his skills to help organizations and individuals identify and fix security flaws across application software, websites, cloud and network architectures. Lanre is also passionate about giving back to the community and hopes to mentor young individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in technology.

Leap Africa Claire Onyekachi

Claire Onyekachi

Communications & PR Intern

Claire Miracle Ugochi Onyekachi is a Communications graduate and highly skilled in developing Communication strategies, content creation and social media management for individuals, organisations and brands to foster growth and promote visibility.

Her experience cuts across different sectors of brand promotion across all social media platforms as she is keen to deliver high quality content.

Claire is also a professional event Anchor, corporate comperè and broadcaster with years of experience working with organisations such as – Live your dreams Africa, Manifest Africa,Visionaliveng, Google Women Will Abia, Techflock, Startupsouth in Collaboration with British Council, Joy Fhakoury foundation etc.

Finally, Claire is a young individual who is passionate about social impact and has volunteered her skills in leadership and quality education spaces to foster development.


Adefunke Adeyeye

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Intern

Adefunke is a highly motivated, dedicated and detail oriented individual pursuing a career in the field of MERL. With a strong academic background, proficiency in interpreting and examining data to drive growth for organizations and a passion for social development, She is excited to contribute my skills and knowledge to make a meaningful impact in this role. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta where she gained a solid foundation in research methodology and community engagement. She has a training certification in data analytics from Kedrus Academy, Nigeria where she engaged in various projects and virtual internships, allowing her to gain practical experience in data mining, analysis, visualization and reporting with Excel, Power BI, Tableau, SQL etc.

She is a collaborative team player who values diverse perspectives and enjoys learning from and working in a team. As a Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) Intern, she is excited about the opportunity to contribute to data-driven decision-making processes and continuous learning and improvement of projects and programs. And is committed to making a positive difference in the field of Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL).

Leap Africa Soohemba Aker

Soohemba Aker

Learning Innovation and Technology Intern

Soohemba Aker joins LEAP Africa as an Institute of Learning, Innovation, and Technology Intern, bringing her fervent dedication to equal access to education, gender equality, and youth leadership development.
With a rich background spanning Law, Advocacy, Social Entrepreneurship, and Leadership, she embodies a holistic approach to social change. Holding a Bachelor’s in Law from Benue State University, her journey is marked by a commitment to service and innovation. Her vision is clear: to champion accessible education, gender equality, and youth development through innovative projects and inclusive policies.

She has actively led and contributed to initiatives empowering women, girls, and youth through education and leadership development, underscoring her commitment to creating tangible solutions to pressing social issues. Soohemba is poised to leverage her diverse skill set and passion for social change to contribute to innovative learning and leadership programs. She aspires to harness the power of technology and innovation to create inclusive opportunities for young Africans, furthering LEAP Africa’s mission of empowering the next generation of leaders.

Leap Africa Emmanuel Oluwapelumi Odedele

Emmanuel Oluwapelumi

Institute of Learning Innovation and Technology Intern

Emmanuel Oluwapelumi Odedele is an intern at LEAP Africa, specifically working in the Institute of Learning, Innovation, and Technology. He studied Physics at the University of Ibadan and graduated in the top 10% of his class.

After completing his undergraduate education, Emmanuel developed a keen interest in Data Science, Machine Learning, and E-Learning Course Development. He has excelled in these areas, receiving awards and recognition for his outstanding contributions.

Emmanuel’s academic achievements and passion for innovation have led him to LEAP Africa. As an intern, he is focused on using data-driven methods to improve learning experiences and drive technological innovation.

With his strong background in Physics and expertise in Data Science and E-Learning Course Development, Emmanuel is well-prepared to make a significant impact in his role.

As an intern at LEAP Africa, Emmanuel embodies the organisation’s commitment to fostering innovation, leadership, and technology-driven solutions. With his passion, expertise, and drive, he is poised to make a lasting impact on the Institute of Learning, Innovation, and Technology and contribute to LEAP Africa’s mission of inspiring and equipping young Africans for leadership and development.

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