About LEAP Africa

LEAP Africa is a youth-focused leadership development organization committed to raising leaders that will transform Africa; through interventions for young people, that bridges the gap in leadership, education, employability and entrepreneurship.

As a mission driven organization, we recognize that youth leadership and inclusion is critical to nation building and wealth creation.

Our cutting-edge programmatic thrusts inspire and equip young people, changing their mindset, to lead ethically and motivating them to deliver positive change in their communities; while also supporting social entrepreneurs to build systems and structures that are crucial for business sustainability, thereby contributing to livelihoods, social and national development.

As a foremost youth focused non-profit in Nigeria, our focus is centered on two big pillars; making secondary education work for young people and raising talents for the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

LEAP Africa actively contributes to the body of knowledge leveraging our strategic direction of ecosystem building, thought leadership and advocacy. Our extensive research forms the basis for our books, articles, research papers and reports.

With over 1 million direct and indirect beneficiaries; footprints in about 26 states in Nigeria and 8 African countries, 11 published books, which are action oriented guides to creating positive and lasting change in individuals, organizations and communities.

LEAP Africa is committed to our mission of raising leaders and empowering the youth agency across the continent to transform the Africa of our dreams.

Our Vision

An inclusive and thriving Africa built through dynamic, innovative and ethical youth leaders.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower African youth by developing capacity and providing resources for transformative personal, organizational, and community leadership.

Our Purpose

Raising Leaders, Transforming Africa

Our Approach

We believe that if the energy is well harnessed, it can lead us on the path to greatness.

Ecosystem Building

Through its programmes and interventions, LEAP Africa enlists, equips and empowers other youth-led and youth focused organisations across Africa.

Thought Leadership

LEAP Africa continues to serve as a thought leader that generates knowledge products and evidence-based models that have lasting impact on policies and development programmes.


LEAP Africa continues to serve as an advocate that projects the voice of young people across the continent by building and strengthening movements, systems and structures.

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Our Values


We believe in being bold and challenging the status quo to catalyse the change we want to see in Africa.


We are committed to working at the highest level of professionalism and upholding the dignity of all our stakeholders.


We consistently demonstrate transparency and truthfulness and strive to be ethical in all our dealings.


We leverage new technologies and think out of the box in order to boost the effectiveness of our programmes and interventions.


We collaborate strategically and in unison to achieve greater impact towards leadership development for youth.


We are result-oriented and go the extra mile to deliver the highest standards in our programmes, products and processes.

Big Bets

Strategic Partners

Developing Partners

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