Impact Beyond Borders: Communications for Development

Blessing Sunday: Marketing and Communications Manager at FATE Foundation in Nigeria. Fiona Imbali: Strategic Communications Consultant at Well Made Strategy in Kenya. Khadija Idrissi Janati: Strategist and Managing Director at Tn’Koffee in Morocco.Moky Makura: Executive Director of Africa No Filter FROM South Africa

In this episode, we will bring you a captivating and insightful panel conversation hosted by LEAP Africa during the 2023 Africa Communications Week.

Africa Communications Week is a renowned global platform that connects communications professionals across the African continent. Its primary objective is to empower and equip Africa-focused communications experts with the necessary tools and resources to reshape the prevailing narratives about Africa. This annual event, held in May, celebrates its 7th year, and LEAP Africa proudly hosted a panel discussion on the theme: “Impact Beyond Borders: Communications for Development.”

The conversation is moderated by Ellen Ukpi, the Communications and PR Manager at LEAP Africa. And joining her are four distinguished panelists who will share their wealth of experience and rich perspectives in the discussion.


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