Understanding The Intersection Between Conflict And Youth Employability By Evi Etemire


The term “Employability” refers to the attributes and qualities a person possesses, that makes them more desirable to obtain and maintain employment in their chosen fields [1] . In a much broader context, it goes far beyond the securement of employment. Rather, it encapsulates the skills that will enable one to thrive and be successful in their role, which will in turn, benefit them, the organization and the economy on a larger scale. From soft skills to technical skills, it has become increasingly vital for young people to upgrade in these areas in a bid to keep up with the demand in the competitive labour market. However, conflict and fragility – which are among the main development obstacles in Africa – has shown to impede the level of employability of the youths as well as access to decent work. This article aims to elucidate the situational elements that affect the ability of young people to be employable in conflict and fragile regions.


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