Message from the ED’s desk on COVID-19

The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example… John Wooden

Hello World,

Effective from Monday March 23, 2020, LEAP Africa team will be working fully remotely till further notice. This is one of the ways of playing a part and demonstrating personal leadership in this crisis- social distancing and staying at home are some of the steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

As an organization, we believe there is no better time to advocate for personal and community leadership, and active citizenship. Everyone must strive to do what is right and be accountable. We must push ourselves to be responsible- family, friends and colleagues.

This is indeed a challenge to the leader in all of us- as individuals, institutions, communities, governments and nations. We must step up to the challenge of displaying empathy for all humanity in the midst of this crisis and think deeply about how we can lend a helping hand especially to the most vulnerable.

At a time like this, what actions are you demanding from your estate executive members or community representatives, religious leaders, government at all levels and everyone who has the responsibility of leadership around you. More importantly, how will you demonstrate leadership this season?

We will be sharing more about our next steps as an organization over the next few days, and commit to stirring your leadership consciousness and conscience in this season.

We will beat this…

Femi Taiwo


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